How to use online coupons

1. In any search engine, type in a merchant name or the product you want to purchase followed by the word coupon or promo code. You can also go directly to our site and search for a promo code or a coupon just by searching the merchant by name

2. Click on a search result that provides you with the most discount. Some discounts don’t require you to enter a promotional code, so all you have to do is click through the offer link which will automatically re-direct you to the merchant’s site by activating the deal on the merchant’s site

3. After finding the promotional code or click through deal, find the product or service you would like to purchase on the the store’s site and put the item in your online shopping cart.

4. While the product is in your shopping cart and before you pay for the products you purchased, the coupon code field to enter a coupon can usually be found somewhere in the shopping cart page. Some merchants don’t allow you to enter a discount code until you provide you credit card and shipping info. If the deal was just a click through deal not requiring a coupon code, you should see the discount automatically applied in the shopping cart and you are done.

4th of July Sales Has Already Begun!

Good shoppers know when to shop in Summer. The 4th of July is the best time to save on summer essentials – from patio furniture to beach goods to BBQ Grills. But, you don’t have to wait until the day to save. They are already offering big savings and this is where you’ll find the latest coupons and deals on the Pre 4th of July sales.

Top 10 Tips for 4th of July Party!

If you’re planning to have this year’s Independence Day party in your backyard, take a moment to check out our tips that’ll help you save some cash while having a party in style.

1. Get Your BBQ Ready – The best 4th of July parties happens near the barbecue, so make sure that your BBQ grill is ready. You have to have plenty of propane, charcoal, or wood, as well as utensils and basting brushes. If your BBQ grill has been used for a long time, maybe it’s the opportunity to upgrade, and you can save a lot of cash with Walmart coupons and Kmart coupon codes.

2. Make everyone comfortable – It’s going to be hot. It’s July. Right? Think about ways to make everyone cool and comfortable. You have to have tons of cold drinks and ice cubes. Also you can have patio umbrellas and shades. Or you can get misting lines under a tree or on the side of the patio, and direct the mist in any direction. The fine mist lowers the ambient temperature 30 degrees or more if there’s a breeze.

3. Bugs Off – Any great outdoor party could be ruined if flies and mosquitoes try to join us. But there are many ways to keep the bugs off – from citronella candles to the exotic Tiki torches. And make sure to have a couple of bottles of bug repellent.

4. Have Extra Tables and Chairs – Having enough chairs for everyone at your party, especially for the older folks will be a good idea. You can consider renting the additional furniture you need. However, if there are items you’ll be happy to keep, go ahead and buy.

5. Prepare a Shopping List for Food and Drinks, and other stuff – A good Independence Day party is all about hot dogs, hamburgers, and inexpensive comfort food. Just list them up in advance and where to buy and when to buy. Also think about having a small refrigerator or cooler full of ice next to the BBQ grill so that you can keep meats and vegetables in there as you’re cooking the current batch.

6. Decorate Your Party in Style! – Welcome your guests to the party with great decorations. Decorate in style with patriotic paper fans and a table cloth. You can also grab the patriotic decorating kit that includes everything you need for the perfect 4th of July party.

7. Dress up for the party – It’s not like the only colors you can wear are red, white, and blue just because of Independence day. Try something cool, and comfortable. Check online for summer blouses and shirts, as well as huge selections of shorts and one piece.

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